AKG CM311 XLR Head-Worn Condenser Mic

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The CM311 reference head-worn condenser microphone is designed for touring and live-sound applications. It sounds like the best handheld microphones - full, clear and distortion-free, even with the loudest singers. 

Controlled field tests show that the Differoid provides up to 12dB more gain before feedback than conventional cardioid microphones. Differoid stands for differential cardioid, which cancels ambient noise from floor monitors, crowds and other sources. Many users of CM311 say that their house mix is better because the mic's isolation is nearly complete.

• Differoid noise-cancelling technology
• Cardioid polar pattern
• Condenser capsule with internal shock mount
• Robust headband construction

• Audio frequency bandwidth: 50 - 17000 Hz
• Equivalent noise level: 26 dB-A
• Sensitivity: 1.25 mV/Pa
• Signal to Noise: 68 dB-A
• Electrical impedance: 75 Ohms
• Polar Pattern: Cardioid
• Type: XLR
• Gender: Female
• Contacts: 3-pin
• Length: 17.76 mm
• Width: 13.97 mm
• Height: 7.62 mm
• Net Weight: 61 g