APEX 570 Compact Headworn Condenser Mic

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Ideal for most live music applications, the Apex570 condenser headset microphone package includes interchangeable TA3F, TA4F, Locking Four-pin and locking 1/8th\" TRS connectors for direct compatibility with virtually any wireless beltpack, as well as a standard XLR phantom power adaptor to direct connect to any wired PA. Rugged headset design for secure fit ensures Apex570 stays put even during the most athletic performances.


    • Lightweight Low-Profile Head-Worn Microphone
    • Extremely Secure Fit makes Apex570 Ideal for Active Live Performers
    • Detachable 1.5m (5ft) Cable Assemblies with Interchangeable Connectors ( TA3F, TA4F, Locking Four-pin and locking 18th-inch TRS Jacks Included)
    • Compatible with Virtually All Wireless Beltpack Transmitters
    • Includes Standard mini-XLR to XLR Adaptor for Standard Cabled Operation

    • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern