APEX 775 Dynamic Instrument / Vocal Microphone

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The Apex775 delivers professional high-quality reproduction for drum, percussion, and instrument amplifier miking applications. The uniform hypercardioid pickup pattern isolates the intended source while reducing background interference even on the loudest stages while the internal capsule shockmount reduces handling noise.

Rugged all metal construction ensures the Apex775 will survive the punishment that can occur when close miking high volume sources like guitar amp stacks, or endure the occasional stick hit inevitable to occur when miking snares and toms.


• 40 to 15,000 Hz Frequency Response Ideally Suited for Instruments
• Delivers Crisp Sharp Response on Vocals
• Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
• Extremely Durable All Metal Body & Windscreen


Type: Dynamic
Element: Moving Coil Dynamic
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 15kHz
Sensitivity: -56dB
Impedance: 310 ohms
S/N: 65dB
Max SPL: 144dB
Connection: XLR-M