Arturia MicroBrute

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Looks Tiny, Sounds Massive

MicroBrute is pure analog sonic powerhouse of a synth. Small in size but loaded with features, it follows in the footsteps laid by its big brother the MiniBrute. 

Packed with mixable waveforms, a new sub oscillator design, the famous Steiner-Parker multimode filter, super fast envelope, syncable LFO and the new step sequencer, not to mention the patchable mod matrix the MicroBrute is a landmark new synth at an incredible price.

- Monophonic synthesizer
- 100% Analog Audio Signal Path
- Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter (LP, BP, HP)
- Voltage Controlled Oscillator with new Overtone Sub-Osc
- Oscillator Mixer (Sub, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle)
- LFO with 3 waveforms and destination attenuator
- Brute Factor delivering saturation and rich harmonics
- Ultrasaw generating shimmering sawtooth waveforms
- Metalizer bringing extreme triangle harmonics
- Fast Envelope Generator
- 25 note mini Keyboard
- External Analog Audio Input (level pot on rear)
CV Inputs: Pitch, Filter, Sub-mod, Pulse, Saw animator, metalizer, gate in.
- CV outputs: Pitch, Gate, Env, LFO
- MIDI Inwith 5-Pin DIN connector
- 1/4 Audio Output and 1/8 Headphone Output
- Free Editor Software
- Step Sequencer :
- 8 sequences stored on power down
- Rate control
- Sync to MIDI clock
- Multiple modes (via software editor)
- Tap tempo/rest insert