Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb w/Creamback - Blue

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Small, light, moderately powered, and a longtime recording and gigging favourite. 


    • One 12" Celestion Creamback speaker
    • Late-'60s Fender "silverface" look 
    • Handwired tube sockets 
    • Custom-made Schumacher transformers 

    • Fender tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo 


Model Name: '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Electric Blue
Series: Vintage Modified Series
Type: All Tube Amp
Output: 22 watts into 8 ohms
Speakers: One - 12" Celestion Creamback 
Channels: Two Channels (Custom and Vintage)
Controls: Custom Channel: Volume, Treble, Bass,
Vintage Channel: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb,
Vibrato: Speed, Intensity
Tube Compliment: 4 X 12AX7, 2 X 12AT7, 2 X 6V6, 1 X 5AR4 (Rectifier) 
Covering: Electric Blue textured vinyl covering with silver and blue grille cloth and Limited Edition badge
Footswitch: 2-Button Footswitch for Reverb and Vibrato On/Off, p/n 0994058000 
Cover: P/N 0047483000 (Included)
Accessories: Cover and 2-Button Footswitch 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 17.5 x 24.5 x 9.5 inches
Weight: 42 lb (19.05 kg)