James Neeligan Cask Hogshead Cigar Box P90 Electro Acoustic

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We wanted to pay tribute to the Cigar Box Guitar, an iconic musical instrument. The original design and specific scale length of these guitars give them a unique sound and temper. Their peculiarity also comes from the number of strings – four for the CASK – which allows to easily explore numerous alternate tunings. This will add to your sound arsenal and take you to new musical heights!

HOGSHEAD is the electric version of the FIRKIN model, with F-style sound holes designed to minimize the feedback. This guitar is equipped with a P90 dog ear pickup, which produces a creamy and bluesy sound, and with tone and volume controls. You are ready to rock!

- Top: Solid spruce
- Back and sides: Solid spruce
- Neck: Mahogany, with truss rod 
- Fingerboard: Rosewood, with ABS inlays 
- Bridge: Rosewood
- Nut and saddle: ABS
- Soundhole: "FF" keys
- Machine heads: Diecast, nickel with chrome knobs
- Electronics: P-90 Doghear pickup, 9.2K, 6.2H, with tone and volume controls
- Colour: Cask burst
- Finish: Open pore
- Included: Bag

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