Kurzweil Artis 88-Key Stage Piano

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The SP Series Stage Pianos are the performance keyboards you've been waiting for. Well-constructed and affordable, these stage pianos have everything you need. The SP Series comes in lightweight 76 and 88 key semi-weighted action models, plus an 88 note fully weighted action model. The Stage Pianos have the award-winning Kurzweil sounds and transmit on two, user-selectable, independent MIDI channels. Put your music on stage with the SP line of performance pianos from Kurzweil, the industry leader in sound technology.

• Amazing tone, realism, and expression FAR beyond what you thought possible in a stage piano
• Modeled after classic Hammond, Vox and Farfisa organs
• Featuring all the controls you want and more, including 9 realistic drawbars
• 256 Factory Programs: from classic to cutting-edge, the best sounds from the PC3K and KORE 64 collections plus our new piano, Vintage Electric Pianos, Clavinets, Synthesizers, rich and realistic String Sections and Orchestras, Guitars, Percussion and much more
• Up to 4 zones, split/layer, extensive MIDI control, individual zone volume and mute control
• Award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses, Flangers, Phasers, Distortions, Rotary Amplifiers, Compressors and more
• 9 Sliders, 6 Switches, 2 Wheels, 2 Switch Pedal Inputs, 1 Continuous Control Pedal Input. (1 sustain/switch pedal is included)
• Dedicated -/+ controls conveniently located above the Pitch/Modulation wheels
• Easy Category and Program/Multi selection
• Get deeper into editing your Artis Programs and Multis


Dimensions 5.5"x15.5"x54.5" HxdXl
Display 240x64 pixel monochrome LCD
Effects Over 1000 complex effect chains
Keyboard 88 note fully-weighted hammer-action
Part # ARTIS
Polyphony 128 Voice Polyphony
Shipping Weight (46 lb.) (21 kg)
UPC 883793203014