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  • Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Twelve

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    Able to deliver three different sounds at the tap of a toe, the soulful TubeMeister 18 is the must-have guitar amp for gigging guitar players.

  • Line 6 Spider 412 Cab

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    Slant Cab with 4 12 Custom Celestion Speakers
    Designed for Spider III HD75 and Spider III HD150

  • Line 6 Spider IV 15

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    Plug into perfectly distilled collections of American and British guitar amp tones, paired down to the very essentials.

  • Line 6 Spider IV 30

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    Spider IV 30 features 12 guitar amp models that deliver the legendary tones every guitarist craves. Dial up glassy high end inspired by the sound of 1960s Fender® amps. Get the classic jangle sound with early British pop and rock tones inspired by a Vox® AC-30. Light up the fretboard with the infamous “Brown sound” inspired by a ‘68 Marshall® Plexi 100-watt, and much more.

  • LINE 6 Spider IV 75

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    Get ready to experience the distinct tonal nuances of some of the most celebrated American, British and European guitar amps. Choose from 16 amazing amp models—from a classic rockabilly sound inspired by the bite of a pint-sized Gretsch® 6156, to the beautiful high-end shimmer inspired by a Marshall® JCM-900, to a killer crunch inspired by an Orange® AD30. And that’s just the beginning.

  • Line 6 Spider V 30

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    Spider V 30 is perfect for practicing and jamming. Spider V features 30 watts of power, 200+ amps and effects, and a specialized full-range speaker system with an 8″ loudspeaker.

  • MARSHALL AS50D Acoustic Amplifier

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    The 50 Watt AS50D has two specially designed 8″ Celestion® speakers and a high fidelity polymer dome tweeter, for rich clean tones and brilliant highs. Designed for a variety of different acoustic instruments, the AS50D has a range of input features, so it can accommodate instruments with magnetic pickups, piezos and microphones – passive or condenser.


  • Marshall DSL15C

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    The DSL15C is an all-valve 15 Watt combo that delivers on tone. Powered by two 6V6 power valves and three ECC83s in the preamp, the DSL15C’s guts are as serious as its big brother, the DSL100H™.


  • Marshall DSL15H

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    The DSL15H is an all-valve, 15 Watt head that delivers great tone in a compact ‘small box’ design. Powered by two 6V6 power valves with four ECC83s in the preamp, the DSL15H might be small, but its guts are as serious as its big brother, the DSL100H™.


  • Marshall DSL40C

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    The critically acclaimed DSL40C shares most of the same great features as the DSL100H™: footswitchable Classic/Ultra Gain channels, rear panel Pentode/Triode switch (40 Watt down to 20 Watt) which changes the amp’s sonic character and playing feel, and a rear panel series FX Loop. It also features footswitchable digital Reverb – Channel change and Reverb on/off footswitch is supplied.

  • Marshall MG102CFX

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    The MG102CFX is a 100 Watt 2 x 12″ combo, and having two 12″ speakers means it ‘moves more air’, making it the biggest sounding of the MG combos.

  • ORANGE Dark Terror

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    The first high gain amp in the Terror series, the Dark Terror is a true master of saturated distortion, making it an ideal match for Hard Rock players looking for signature Orange ‘chug’ in a portable package.