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  • VOX VT 40X Guitar Amplifier

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    The VT40X features a brand new modeling engine and sounds even better than ever! By using VET (Virtual Element Technology), which is based on an analysis of the components and amp circuits themselves, VTX amplifiers produce the most accurate and realistic amplifier sounds to date.

  • VOXX VXII Guitar Amplifier

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    The VX II from VOX takes modeling amps to the next level. The all-new VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling circuits at work in the VX I and VX II offer guitarists the best of both digital and analog amplifier design, as it accurately revives a myriad of classic amplifiers.

  • YORKVILLE 100KB Keyboard Amplifier

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    The 100KB combo amplifier delivers 100 Watts of clean power into a specially optimized 12-inch speaker/horn combination. The cabinet sounds much bigger than its appearance suggests due to the careful engineering and optimally matched components. Superior imaging has been achieved by transparently combining the custom design woofer with the 1-inch tweeter, which is mounted on a proprietary ABS horn.


  • YORKVILLE 50KB Keyboard Amplifier

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    The most compact keyboard amplifier in the KB Series, the 50KB features two channels that handle 1/4-inch, XLR or RCA inputs for maximum versatility. A black carpet covering, a perforated all-metal grille, solid plywood cabinet construction and a recessed control panel enhance roadworthiness.

  • YORKVILLE 50KW Powered Wedge Monitor

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    For the professional musician who needs a sub-compact instrument amplifier with a wedge format, the 50KW is sure to fit the bill.