• APEX HP 10 Earbuds

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    HP10  Deluxe In-Ear

    The Apex HP10 In-Ear Headphones deliver a balanced and precise tone with an extended low frequency response.

  • APEX HP 15 In Ear Headphones

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    HP15  In-Ear Headphone

    The Apex HP15 high performance In-Ear Headphones deliver a balanced tone and presence, with an controlled yet pleasing low frequency response.

  • APEX HP 35 Headphones

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    HP35  Folding Closed Ear

    The Apex HP35 Closed Ear Dynamic Headphones are the ideal solution for monitoring applications either in the studio or on a live stage.  during transport. Soft vinyl carrying pouch included.

  • APEX HP 65 Headphones

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    HP65  Semi-Open

    The Apex HP65 Semi-open Dynamic Headphones are lightweight for maximum comfort and long-term wearability.


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    As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50 is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year. Now, the ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones feature the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of detachable cables.

  • PIONEER DJE-1500

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    The DJE-1500 in-ear headphones are your professional option for in-ear monitoring and preparing sets on the road.

  • PIONEER HDJ 500 Headphones

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    The HDJ-500 DJ headphones are designed for a flexible DJ lifestyle by adapting to both DJing at home, in the club or auditioning your dance music on the go.

  • SHURE SE 112

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    The SE112 delivers great sound with deep bass and impressive sound isolation.

  • SHURE SE 215

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    The SE215 delivers detailed sound with enhanced bass. A detachable cable with formable wire enables easy replacement and a secure, comfortable fit onstage or on-the-go.

  • SHURE SRH 440

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    The SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort.

  • SHURE SRH 550DJ Headphones

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    The SRH550DJ Headphones from Shure deliver full-range audio performance, comfort, and durability for DJ use and personal listening.

  • SHURE SRH 840

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    Designed for professional audio engineers and musicians, the SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones from Shure are optimized for studio recording and critical listening.